Remy InfoSource was originally established in 2001 in the Netherlands. Initially we provided Artificial Intelligence diagnostic solutions to the high tech and transportation industries. One of our projects was the Transrapid Maglev Train in Shanghai China. It is the only magnetic levitation train in commercial use in the world and achieves speeds of over 400km/h. Remy supplied the technology and methodology for the online diagnostic system which monitors over 120,000 electrical components in real-time.

CAPEX Project Procurement

At the request of a customer in 2005, Remy developed iSpec, an automated tender and contract management solution for complex project procurement and management. Since then iSpec has become one of the premier solutions used by global corporations for their strategic project sourcing. Our customers operate in over 67 countries and regions around the globe. Most of them are multi-national corporations that require an integrated global approach to technology procurement and implementation.

Outsourcing and Services

Remy and our alliance partners also offers outsourced tender management services. By assisting our customers in the preparation, publication and evaluation of their tenders, we do all of the grunge work, thereby allowing them to focus on the important issues

Why is it free?

We feel that buyers should be able to get the best possible exposure for their tenders without having to spend a fortune. If however they are tired of using Word and Excel and all the tedious work required to compile and evaluate bids, they can take a look at iSpec our Advanced Tender Management Tools and Consulting for complex equipment or CAPEX Project Sourcing.