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TenderPublication date Closing date
03 Aug 201824 Aug 2018
1.1 Bristol City Council is looking for an experienced contractor to carry out external repairs at Chalcroft House, Lower Sidney Street, Ashton Gate, BS3 1SP.
Location : Bristol, England, United Kingdom
02 Aug 201817 Sep 2018
For the provision of Fire Safety Works
Canterbury City Council ("the Council") wishes to select and appoint a suitable supplier for the provision of Fire Safety Works and invites prospective suppliers to submit a Tender to meet the Council's requirements.
Location : England, United Kingdom
19 Jul 201820 Aug 2018
The refurbishment of rooms G/40 and G/01 in Historic England's, Swindon office
Historic England is looking to sub-divide two rooms with in the ground floor of its main office complex in Swindon. Room G/40 and the largest it's to be split in 2 via a glass partition wall with one half of the newly split room to continuing to serve as an environmentally controlled archive store with the other half being converted into a general office space for staff to use. The second room (G/01) is to be split into two with one half to be converted into a general use store room and the other half as a purpose built first aid room.
Location : SWINDON, England, United Kingdom
11 Jul 201831 Aug 2018
London and Quadrant Housing Trust - MDF Skirting, Architrave and Window Board's Framework 2018 - 2020
London and Quadrant Housing Trust are tendering for the provision of the supply of MDF Skirting and Architrave, Windowboards for London and Quadrant's Self Delivered New Build Projects to comply with the Public Contracts regulations 2015. The objective of this tender process is to establish a Framework Agreement with the tenderers and London and Quadrant Housing Trust for a period of two years. This is tender is for Manufacturers only. Rebates will be required.
Location : England, United Kingdom
20 Jun 201820 Aug 2018
GBC PL Day to day clearance rubbish and cleaning of Council owned properties and managed land 2018
Clearance and cleaning of Council owned and managed properties and land. Predominantly vacated properties which are void and need re-letting within a set time scale.
Location : Surrey, England, United Kingdom
05 Oct 201705 Oct 2018
Notice of Information regarding HNZ evaluation of Health & Safety in tenders
Health and Safety Assessment for Housing New Zealand Tenders Housing New Zealand (HNZ) regularly engages with contractors to undertake physical works (1) such as building, maintenance, civil works and demolition. Many of these carry health and safety risk which HNZ considers very seriously. Every contractor engaged by HNZ is assessed for the quality of their Health and Safety practices, systems and training. From 1 November 2017 the method for assessing contractor Health and Safety is changing. HNZ is partnering with Impac PREQUAL to provide a Health and Safety pre-qualification assessment HNZ will use to evaluate the practices and systems of businesses tendering for work. This includes contractors applying to join panels of prequalified suppliers and existing panel members. Tenders listed on GETS after 1 November 2017 will include a pre-condition which requires Respondents to: • Be registered with Impac PREQUAL; • Have completed the Impac PREQUAL health and safety assessment; and • Submit a copy of their Impac PREQUAL assessment report with the tender submission. Further information on Impac PREQUAL and registering with them can be found here Any questions regarding this message should be directed to (1) Physical works includes works that require the physical construction or modification/maintenance of a structure or surrounding environment such as construction, demolition, civil works etc. It does not include professional services such as architects, site testing etc.
Location : New Zealand
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