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TenderCategoryCompanyPublication dateClosing date
Disability Services Provider Panel Request for Registration Public Sector ServicesWestern Australia Goverment28 Oct 201612 Sep 2018
To ensure that people with disability have a choice of quality service providers, the Disability Services Commission has implemented the Disability Services Provider Panel – Request for Registration. This process establishes a potential provider’s suitability to deliver services to people with disability who have individual funding packages and determines their compliance with mandatory quality requirements. Through the registration process successful respondents will be deemed to be ‘registered’ and prequalified to be on the Disability Services Provider Panel (DSPP). The DSPP supports the future direction of the National Disability Insurance Scheme (NDIS) as agreed to by the Western Australian (WA) Government and Australian Government. Through this process service providers can apply to offer individualised services to people with disability in the NDIS trial site areas and the Perth Metropolitan area. Successful respondents will be awarded a Head Agreement to be on the DSPP and will be prequalified to provide the services described in their Offer. The Head Agreement will describe the terms and conditions of being on the DSPP and the quality, safeguarding, compliance and accountability requirements that service providers must meet.
Location : Western Australia, Australia
EECA Building Performance Advice Programme Partner Public Sector ServicesEnergy Efficiency & Conservation Authority31 May 201630 Dec 2017
The Energy Efficiency and Conservation Authority (EECA) is a Government agency that works to improve the energy efficiency of New Zealand's homes and businesses, and encourage the uptake of renewable energy. EECA BUSINESSTM provides assistance, funding and support to promote good energy management in New Zealand businesses.
Location : New Zealand
Hackney Wick Neighbourhood Centre Development Public Sector ServicesLondon Legacy Development Corporation (LLDC)04 Mar 201724 Nov 2017
The LLDC wishes to procure a developer for the Hackney Wick Neighbourhood Centre.
Location : London, England, United Kingdom
Housing Authority - Call for Submissions for Affordable Housing Public Sector ServicesWestern Australia Goverment28 Oct 201630 Jun 2017
Housing Authority - Call for Submissions for Affordable Housing
Location : Western Australia, Australia
Housing Authority - Call for Submissions for Affordable Housing Public Sector ServicesWestern Australia Goverment03 Feb 201730 Jun 2017

Location : Western Australia, Australia
Integrated Services for Sensitive Claims (ISSC) Application for Service Providers - General (updated December 2016) Public Sector ServicesAccident Compensation Corporation04 Jan 201727 Nov 2017
The following ISSC Service Provider Application documents - Part 1 and Part 2 (updated December 2016) are attached to allow existing Suppliers of Integrated Services for Sensitive Claims (ISSC) to apply to add new Service Providers to their ISSC Contract. Existing Suppliers please download the attached Application documents and complete. Once completed, forward your application to
Location : New Zealand
Invitation to Partner for Emergency Housing Providers Public Sector ServicesMinistry of Social Development09 Oct 201606 Oct 2019
Through an Invitation to Partner (ITP) process the Ministry of Social Development (MSD) is seeking to establish a panel of emergency housing providers to deliver additional emergency housing accommodation and accompanying services. The additional emergency housing accommodation may be either properties that the emergency housing provider supplies or Crown-owned properties that are made available to the emergency housing provider. This ITP includes a fast-track option (which closes on 31 December 2016) for those emergency housing providers that were shortlisted through the Emergency Housing Accommodation Request for Proposals released by MSD on 1 June 2016, or emergency housing providers who can otherwise demonstrate that they hold a current contract with any Government agency in relation to the provision of emergency housing services. MSD anticipate contract opportunities becoming available in the short term, so it would be advantageous to register early as MSD intends to start making contract opportunities available as soon as there are emergency housing providers on the panel.
Location : New Zealand
IRRS Housing Services Auckland Public Sector ServicesMinistry of Social Development25 Nov 201525 Nov 2017
The Ministry of Social Development (MSD) seeks to engage providers to deliver additional Income Related Rent Subsidy (IRRS) Housing Services in Auckland from November 2015. The aim of these Services is to provide additional social housing places in the high demand Auckland market for prospective tenants from the MSD Housing Register, over and above the current availability of social housing places.
Location : New Zealand
Maidstone Road Cemetery, Chatham ME4 6HJ Public Sector ServicesUK Goverment04 Apr 201701 May 2017
Medway Council wishes to select and appoint a suitable Contractor and therefore invites contractors to submit a quotation to meet the Council's requirements set out in this Invitation to Quote (ITQ). It's the council's intention to award all works to one Principal contractor. The Contract is anticipated to commence on w/c 29th May 2017 and will continue for an estimated period of 3 weeks with no option to extend unless this timeframe is deemed unachievable by the tendering contractors, or is terminated by the employer in accordance with the Conditions of the Contract. Scope includes but not limited to the following: 1) Clear away existing rubble 2) Salvage existing capping/coping stones for reuse 3) Rebuild stone wall in dressed stone to match existing The form of Contract envisaged is the JCT Minor Works Building Contract 2011 Full tender documents can be downloaded by registering your interest in the project on the Kent Business Portal. Link :
Location : Chatham, England, United Kingdom
Standing Notice - Electical Workers Competence Programme Public Sector ServicesMinistry of Business, Innovation and Employment05 Dec 201605 Dec 2017
MBIE is seeking Suppliers who can deliver the Electrical Workers competence programme. The ERWB are responsible for establishing a list of competence providers to administer the programme. These competence providers are typically training organisations or persons registered in the appropriate class of registration. In order to be able to deliver the competence programmes effectively to the users, they would require electrical registration and a current practicing licence. Users are electrical workers who are required by law to undertake competency training every two years to maintain their practising licence.
Location : New Zealand
The Supply of Motor Vehicles Public Sector ServicesVictorian Government31 Jan 201330 Apr 2018
The new State Purchase Contract for Motor Vehicles will be an open panel for use by Victorian Government Departments and Agencies to procure Motor Vehicles. Current Whole of Victorian Government panelists are reminded that they need to apply to be considered for the new panel.
Location : Victoria, Australia